PWJ approached me to create a series of large format posters for an interior officescape in urban Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The artwork had to be coherent when viewed from long distances and increasingly interesting and captivating upon closer inspection. Additionally, PWJ asked that the color palette compliment and work with the industrial colors of the walls and of the building itself.
Working with the project art director and stakeholders, I built the series around 3 key colors, around the technique of photographic double exposure and around the theme of water. These design choices made for pieces that were visually captivating from both close up and far away.
 Once designed, I sourced a print vendor who was able to deliver high-quality prints on stretched canvas on short notice. I then supervised the production, delivery and installation of the pieces. They now hang on the walls of PWJ towers, creating a coherent brand experience for every person who walks its hallways.

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