HM.CLAUSE is one of the world's largest seed companies, with over 2800 employees and markets in 30+ countries. I have a  longstanding and fruitful working relationship with HM.CLAUSE and so, when they came to me with the opportunity to rebrand their largest annual event - the G100 Annual Meeting - I was thrilled.
The challenge that I was given by HM.CLAUSE was to transform the event's relatively conventional, staid branding and graphic design into a new look. A look that truly represented the new direction the company in which the company was headed.
To accomplish this, I choose a number of distinct elements: blocks of the brand colors overlaying a set of themed photos, a fashionably simple logo and contemporary font combinations
Staying within the overarching brand guidelines of the company, I created a new photographic and graphic language for the event, emphasizing challenge, achievement and victory. The event itself would be implemented by a large team so, in addition to designing a comprehensive suite of products for print and web, I created a thorough brand guideline book to ensure consistency across all aspects of the event.

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