Cloud 9 Confectionery is a boutique chocolate confectionery based in the Northwest. The company's founders came to me knowing that they wanted to create a brand and associated designs that were clearly higher end but, at the same time, were relaxed and inviting enough to not discourage any potential customer from choosing their chocolates. In other words, fancy but accessible.
After a series of in-person and Skype meetings with the Cloud 9 stakeholders, I developed a visual language that spoke directly to the needs of the company. 
I began with the color palette, using a distinct gold, white and a lighter turquoise blue as the primary colors. The gold and the white imparted a sense of luxury and exclusiveness to the brand while the blue acted as an inviting, universally-appealing and balancing color. 
For the other brand elements, I used a similarly balanced approach: For the title text, I chose a refined 19th century-inspired font, influenced by classic mapmaking and engraving fonts, and paired that with Futura, a modern, geometric sans serif, famous (at least to designers) for its usefulness, clarity and broad appeal. I added a woodcut-style cloud as a primary logo element and sourced subtle, classical photography for the website to round out the brand.
Based on a active dialogue and partnership in branding, I was able to forge a visual identity for Cloud 9 that truly captured the quality and truly insane levels of care and craftsmanship that they put into their chocolate.
Now a thriving company, they attribute much of their success to the careful work I did in creating their powerful brand.

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