Los Angeles' Altar Yoga Shala wanted to rebrand, basing their new identity around a poster series that would hang on the walls of its studios and be sold as branded products in its lobby spaces. Additionally, Altar asked me to create a new  logo that would match the posters in terms of color and feeling and, all taken together, signify a new phase in the history of the company.
In conversation with Altar's staff and teachers, I sourced 8 phrases and quotes by yogas luminaries that epitomized the studios' forward-thinking philosophy. The challenge was to then craft posters that were recognizably in the same 'family' but unique enough to be interesting to inspire customers to purchase individually.
Using flat fields of vintage color, hand drawn yoga poses and creative use of a wide variety of typography, I created a series of posters and a logo that spoke to the heart of the Altar experience and were a resounding success with the company's staff and customers.

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